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Comic Book Feedback

Glad you are here. You are one of the first people to read a finished version of our new comic book. We are hoping to launch publically to our fans in the next couple of months but we'd love your feedback on the first comic book issue. First watch the video below, then download the PDF copy, and then head back to this page to send us your feedback! Please do not share this link with the general public, but if you have friends that are big comic book readers and lovers, feel free to share with them.


Thanks so much - zach and kip

Start by watching this video.

Leave your Comic Book Feedback Here 

We are so excited to hear your thoughts on the first issue of the comic book. Please click the link below to give us your feedback with a short google forms survey. 

Preview our Kickstarter Page

We would love your feedback on our Kickstarter page. You can click HERE to view the kickstarter page. Click the link below to fill out our short survey of questions. Thanks!

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